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DFW Airport COVID Testing Services

Are you looking for DFW airport COVID testing for your upcoming international flight? Give Mobile COVID Testing a call for 24-hour COVID-19 testing services. Our team offers PCR and rapid antigen tests for those traveling internationally.

CDC guidelines require travelers to have a negative viral test (PCR or rapid antigen) taken no more than a day before departure. Get yours on time with our mobile testing services!

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Mobile COVID Testing is a 24-hour mobile laboratory offering PCR and rapid antigen testing for Dallas-Fort Worth residents. We can test you anywhere and anytime. Book an appointment today to get tested at the airport, hotel, home, business, or anywhere else in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

Test Options

Our DFW airport COVID testing offers a handful of test options, perfect for you to make your international flight on time.

Rapid Antigen

The rapid antigen test provides results in 15 minutes. It is the fastest test type available.

PCR Test

The PCR test is the golden standard in COVID testing. The processing time varies, but the available options are as follows: 

  • Rapid PCR: 2-4 hours
  • Same-Day PCR: 12 hours
  • Standard PCR: 24 hours


Why Choose Us

24/7 Testing

Never worry about the time or date for our COVID-19 testing services. We’re available all day and all week!

Mobile COVID Testing

Our COVID testing services are available anywhere in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area: home, hotel, DFW airport, work, etc.

Fast Testing Options

If you’re needing a test last minute, give us a call to schedule a 15-minute rapid antigen test or a PCR test ready in 2 to 4 hours!

Qualified Technicians

All of our technicians have been trained to provide accurate and precise COVID-19 testing. They are required to wear gloves and makes when administering tests.

Results in Your Inbox

Don’t worry about waiting on your results, as they’ll be delivered directly to your email inbox once processing is complete!


Can I schedule tests for multiple people at once?

Yes! Give our team a call to book an appointment for your family, coworkers, or anyone else who needs a test. We’ll gather all the necessary information over the phone or through our online submission form.

Can you test me at the DFW airport?

Yes! Our DFW airport COVID testing services can administer tests inside your terminal. After the test has been administered, we process it before sending you the results.

Which COVID test is better?

PCR tests are the golden standard for testing COVID. If your PCR test comes back as negative, you are certainly negative. Rapid antigen tests are also extremely accurate, but they have a higher percentage of false results. It is up to you on which test you’d prefer, as the CDC only requires a viral test.  

When do I need to take the test for my flight?

Your COVID test cannot be taken any later than 24 hours before your flight departure. Our DFW COVID airport testing services will ensure you make your flight on time, and your results are delivered when needed. 

Is a COVID test required for domestic flights?

No. International flights are the only ones that require a negative COVID test.

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